As the owner/operator of A Child’s Dream Pre-K, I would like to introduce myself.  With 16 years of early childhood experience, I began my journey as a volunteer in my own children’s school.  I was hooked from the first moment of seeing a child’s face light up as they discovered something new and challenged to help those that needed help to understand a concept through a different approach.  The more time I spent with children the more I wanted to pursue my own dreams of changing careers and continuing my education.  As I worked to support my goals in child care, the hourly required training were never enough.  I soon found myself acquiring 60 hours of training a year and continuing my education through college coursework. 

After years of working in larger center-based programs, I had the desire to start my own business and provide curriculum opportunities for children in my home.  Yearning to offer children a comfy environment with a small teacher/child ratio, I developed a personalized Pre-K curriculum set in a “home” environment, my home.

Allowing children to learn at their level through smaller ratios and Individual Educational Programs

A Child's Dream Pre-K



Creative Curriculum

  At A Child's Dream Pre-K, we offer days packed full of activities. All of our activities help the social and academic development of children. Children learn best when they are having fun! We tailor our lessons to each child's unique learning style. Our children enjoy the hand-on activities that we provide daily!

The children will participate in structured and unstructured activities each day.  There will be a specific Bible Lesson and Theme each week.  Many weekly activities will reflect the letter/theme. 



          Large Group Time - The children will develop listening, emergent literacy and comprehension skills through stories, and teacher lead discussions that match the theme for the week.  They will also develop a sense of time and order as they use the calendar to record days, months, and seasons.  During Large group time the children also have experiences with rhythm and movement, nursery rhymes, finger plays, singing games/songs, and problem solving.

Free Choice -
In the different centers of the preschool to provide the children with many opportunities to learn through active involvement and social interaction.  Center areas include House, Blocks, Puzzles, Legos, Animals, Books, Table Games, Art, Listening Center, Music Center, Water Table, Rice Tub, Puppet Theatre and others that change periodically to match the theme of the week.

       Snack and Lunch Time –
At the tables, the children have an A.M. & P.M.  snack time and a lunch time.  Birthday treats may be shared.

Recess -
On supervised play areas and/or organized activities (ball throwing, parachute play, chalk…) daily when the weather is favorable.  We will use inclement weather opportunities to learn exercises, practice balance, hopping, skipping, jumping and other movement fun!

Teacher’s choice- To give more individualized/small group instruction in many areas.  The teacher will use a variety of planned lessons to guide/teach hands-on activities toward fine motor development and other educational skills.

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